Where can you use bitcoin?

The bitcoin become a trending digital currency popular for e-payment and cross border transaction, but as an independent crypto currency it is not regulated by any government or central bank. So, is it legal to use it? The answer depends on the country where you’re using it. In the EU countries, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina the use of bitcoin is partially legal. In USA and Canada the bitcoin can be used but several government bodies are making sure that the transactions are legal. Bitcoins in Canada are subject to money laundering laws. In Australia the bitcoin is legal and it is subject to taxation laws. Bitcoin in UK is legal and the legislation is updated so it will be more bitcoin-friendly. EU doesn’t have united crypto-currency regulation, but EU countries have it’s own legislation. In most of them the bitcoin is legal but they are moving to regulate the transactions. Other countries where bitcoin can be used are Singapore, Israel and Japan which is most open to the digital currency and it is a big trend there.

Today bitcoin can be used in variety of places online and offline. Online they can be used in common household e-shops like Overstock.com and Newegg , video games at  Microsoft,  Green Man GamingMinecraft server, clothes and fashion sites Showroomprive.com , computers and electronics TigerDirect, flying CheapAir.com, booking and reservations BTCTrip, gift cards at eGifter or Gyft, donations Wikimedia Foundation.

Offline bitcoins can be used by downloading the Android or IOS app and use them in a variety of Bitcoin Restuarants.

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