Bitcoin fluctuations

After the all-time high of the Bitcoin last week ($7900) its value plummeted to $6100 USD. One of the main reasons for the is the canceled Segwit2x fork, after which the Bitcoin value went down. Next week we will know if the fork will happen in near future which will cause more tribulations to the market.

Some expert analyses say that Bitcoin will stabilize around $6000 USD, but some of them predict that the value will further drop until it stabilizes. Beside Bitcoin, Ethereum is also in the red and its value is going down.

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) features are up about 50%  and now are at $285 USD average. Also, the Bitcoin cash is going up and in the last 72 hours increased about 50% and now is at $1400 USD.

Cryptocurrency markets will likely see some more volatility over the course of the upcoming week. Best advise is to hold your transactions in the next week until the dust settles.

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