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In the past month, we have been witnesses to natural disasters, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria and the devastating earthquakes in Mexico. They caused catastrophic damage and life loss, but there was some effort to relief the tragedy by charitable fundraising projects using cryptocurrencies to help the victims. Over $50K in cryptocurrency donations helped Texas hurricane victims in need of food water and basic supplies. A similar aid project was created for the victims in the Caribbean islands Antiqua and Barbuda. They were directly on the path of the hurricane Irma which destroyed much of the country’s infrastructure.

In the recent days, there was another initiative to raise funds for the victims of the earthquakes in Mexico. The Mexican Bitcoin exchange Bitso is rasing cryptocurrency donations via BTC, ETH, or XRP which will be sent to the Mexican Red Cross. Bitso will donate additional 0.5$ for every 1$ that is donated.

If you like to donate you can find the donation address here.

Other charities projects that you can help by donating bitcoins are listed here:

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