Bitcoin all time high

Bitcoin value was rising constantly in the past few weeks and now reached 4880$ which is all time high for this crypro-currency. The market capitalization is almost 80$ billion and it’s market share is around 45.4%. While bitcoin is setting new record, also other crypto-currencies are rising steadily which brings the whole cryptomarket to 175$ billion.

Besides the mindblowing rise of the bitcoin value, there are some concerns because it’s growth chart is very similar to Nasdaq’s growth chart, which had a terrific crash in 2000 and caused the telecommunications bubble burst.  Also, similarities in the charts were found compared with the homebuilder’s bubble burst in 2005.

On other hand, many Wall Street investors are geting interested to explore the Bitcoin, specially after it survived the forking in the beginning of August.  This gives confidence in the currency and furthermore because some analyses apeard that show that the bitcoin wont have a bubble bursting future.

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